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SAP PP Tables

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SAP PP Tables

SAP PP Tables

Engineering Change Management
AENR        Customer and priority
AEOI          Revision Numbers

Work Center
CRHD         Workcenter Header Data
CRCA         Workcenter Capacity Allocation
CRCO         Workcenter Cost Center Assignment
CRHH          Hierarchy Header
CRHS           Hierarchy Structure
CRTX          Workcenter Text
KAKO         Capacity Header
KAZY          Intervals of Capacity

PLPO          Routing Operation Details
PLKO         Routing Header Details
MAPL         Routing Link to Material
PLAB          Relationships - Standard Network
PLAS          Task List - Selection of Operations
PLMZ         Component Allocation
PLPH          CAPP Sub-operations
PLFH          PRT Allocation
PLWP         Maintenance Package Allocation
PLMK         Inspection Characteristics

Bill of Material
STPO          BOM Item Details
STPU          BOM Sub Items (designators)
STKO         BOM Header Details
MAST         BOM Group to Material
STZU          BOM History Records
STAS          BOM Item Selection
STPF           BOM Explosion Structure

Line Design
LDLH          Line Hierarchy Header
LDLP          Line Hierarchy Items
LDLT          Line Hierarchy Takt Times
LDLBC       Takts/No. Individual Capacities per Line
LDLBH       Line Balance Header 
LDLBP        Line Balance Items
LDLBT        Line Hierarchy Entry and Exit Takts

CRFH          PRT Master Data
CRVD_A     Link of PRT to Document
CRVD_B     Link of Document to PRT
CRVE_A     Assignment of PRT data to Equipment
CRVE_B     Assignment of equipment to PRT data
CRVM_A    Link of PRT data to Material
CRVM_B    Link of Material to PRT data
CRVS_A     Link of PRT Internal number to PRT External number
CRVS_B     Link of PRT External number to PRT Internal number 

Demand Management
PBED          Independent Requirements Data
PBIM          Independent Requirements by Material

Repetitive Manufacturing
SAFK         RS Header Master Data
S025           LIS -- Run Schedule Quantities
S026           LIS -- Material Usage
S028           LIS -- Reporting Point Statistics
CEZP          Reporting Point Document Logs
CPZP          Reporting Points - Periodic Totals

MRP Records
MDKP        MRP Document Header Data
MDTB         MRP Table Structure (no data)
PLSC          Planning Scenario (Long-term Planning)
MDFD        MRP Firming Dates
MDVM       Planning File Entries
S094           LIS -- Stock/Requirements Analysis

RESB          Reservations/Dependent Requirements

Planned Orders
PLAF          Planned Orders

Discrete Production
AFKO         Order Header
AFPO          Order Item Detail
AFVC          Order Operations Detail
AFFL           Order Sequence Details
AFFH          Order PRT Assignment
AFBP          Order Batch Print Requests
AFRU          Order Completion Confirmations
AFFW         Confirmations -- Goods Movements with Errors
AFRC          Confirmations -- Incorrect Cost Calculations
AFRD          Confirmations -- Defaults for Collective Confirmation
AFRH          Confirmations -- Header Info for Confirmation Pool
AFRV          Confirmation Pool
AFWI          Confirmations -- Subsequently Posted Goods Movements

KLAH          Class Detail
CABN          Characteristic Detail
AUSP          Characteristic Values
CAWN          Characteristic Values
CAWNT         Characteristic Value Texts
KSML          Characteristic Allocation to Class
KSSK          Material Allocation to Class